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Trashion Fashion Show
Plastic and paper bags, deconstructed and reconstructed clothing, cat food lids, pet food bags, bleached designs on clothing, poly fence name it and Pauline used it to make creative fashions. Not only does the 78 year old founder and major player of undermywing find creative ways to re-home puppies and dogs, but she finds time to put on elaborate fund raisers such as the Trashion Fashion Show. Kudos, Pauline!

Recently Pauline got a visit from a couple who adopted a dog from a Colorado rescue. They knew the dog originally came from undermywing so on their way through New Mexico they contacted Pauline to show off Durango Pete, He has so impressed his new humans that Durango Pete's new dad is writing a book about him. Stay tuned! 

Having her very own puppy was a long time dream for Meghan. To prove she was serious about being a pet owner, she did extra chores and saved the money she earned. Finally, she convinced her parents she could be a responsible pet owner and adopted
a puppy from undermywing.  Happy girl, happy puppy, happy Pauline!


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A dog owns nothing,
     yet is seldom dissatisfied.
                           Irish proverb
Pauline's creative fashions